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Ezili Freda's Veve

Erzulie Freda is part of the Erzulie family of loa in Haitian Vodou. These are a group of spirits associated with femininity. Sometimes referred to as Erzulie Freda Dahomey, this beloved and well-known spirit is the loa of love and luxury in Haitian Vodou. Her attributes are romantic love, health, passion, beauty, vanity, elegance, opulence, and prosperity. Ceremonies to this loa tend to be quite lavish and very organized as she demands much attention to detail.

In the Dahomey tradition, this energy is known as Azili. This loa is also sometimes synced with Oshun or Mami Water, depending on the spiritual system the energy is derived from. While Erzulie and her archetypal counterparts are primarily associated with love and wealth, this deity has much more to offer her devotees. She is also compared to Venus in western astrology.

As the matron of purity and marital union, she is said to be married to 3 male loa in some Vodou houses and 4 in others. She is commonly to be the mistress of Agwe, Ougou Badgri, and Damballah. Also, she is sometimes connected to the loa Loko.

She gives out wealth and abundance to those who are worthy of properly caring for such gifts. She can remedy a broken or diseased body. She can also repair broken family relationships and connections. Through the energy of water, she cleanses, purifies, and gives life to all of humanity. Her waters are sweet and ever-enduring.

Erzulie's feast days are Tuesday and Thursday. She is associated with snakes, flamingos, and the metal gold. Basils, figs, and bay laurel are often given in her ritual ceremonies. She is also fond of sweets and champagne. Her devotees typically present her with precious, generous gifts of gold, jewelry, and other delicacies. She is most often represented as a fair-skinned woman dressed in pink paired with white on occasion. However, this imagery is changing as more people seek to connect with Vodou from a traditionalist perspective.

Veve Symbolism

Erzulie Freda's veve contains a heart shape, which is perfect for attracting love and life’s most extravagant pleasures. Embedded within the heart are two regular crosses and two stars. The regular cross symbolizes the energy of philosophic gold, an alchemy substance capable of turning base metals into gold. This state coincides with Erzulie's character as she has the ability to bring pleasure to the heart through an abundance of riches. In all, there are four crosses representing perfect balance. This indicates that Erzulie's gifts of wealth are in perfect harmony with all elemental forces.

The stars represent spiritual protection from all directions and through the elements of water, fire, earth, and air. The stars located in the heart are indicative of emotional protection and well-being. As Erzulie Freda has the power to endow one with the power to love and be loved in a state of perfect harmony. In totality, eight stars are strategically placed throughout her veve. The number 8 corresponds to the energy of abundance and karma.

Three stars adorn the bottom of her veve at the tips of two diagonal lines forming an inverted triangle. This shape is symbolic of the female womb, with the two stars at the top representing the ovaries and the bottom star corresponding to the vaginal opening. This shape is characteristic of Erzulie Freda's nature as she embodies the principle of the Divine feminine. This portion of her veve invites the energy of copulation and conception through the marital bond.

Learn more about this beloved loa in this episode of the African Spirit Reintegrated + Reimaged podcast:

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