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Personal Year Numerology

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Personal Year Numerology

In numerology, the concept of a personal year is about how the energy of any given 12-month cycle will most likely impact your life. It is a prediction or divination tool that I have found to be astoundingly accurate in my own life. It gives you a general idea of what to expect and helps you navigate through the energetic influences in any given year.

In order to understand the influence of your personal year, you must first calculate your personal year. This can easily be done by adding your birth month, birth date, and the current year together. Thereafter, you would reduce the sum to a single digit.

For instance, if your birth month and date is March 9, you should add 3 + 9 together, which is the number of the month and date. This equates to 12. Then, you add each digit in the current year together. For the year 2021, you would add 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 and get a sum of 5.

Once you have the sums of your birth date, month, and the current year, you add the two numbers together. In this example, you would add 12 + 5 and get a sum of 17. Finally, you need to reduce 17 to a single-digit number by adding the two digits together (1 + 7), which gives you 8. Therefore, your personal year for 2021 would be 8.

Once you have calculated your personal year number, you can determine what the year has in store for you by understanding the numerology of 8. Even more, you can review the numerology for the current year and your personal year to get a more detailed predictive power.


This energy will correspond to the effort that you have put into establishing abundance and flow in your life within the past 7 years. For instance, if you have been studying to get a degree and you plan to graduate at the beginning of 2021, you can expect to receive beneficial results from your hard work and effort. You may step right out of college and land a lucrative job in your career field.

This energy will correspond to the effort that you have put into establishing abundance and flow in your life within the past 7 years. For instance, if you have been studying to get a degree and you plan to graduate at the beginning of 2021, you can expect to receive beneficial results from your hard work and effort. You may step right out of college and land a lucrative job in your career field.

Conversely, if you have been loafing, bumming, or otherwise not working to improve your financial situation over this same period, you can expect abundance to pass you by. And, you will feel the heartbreak and pain of financial lack and scarcity to a great extent during a personal 8 year. You will probably become acutely aware of your financial limitations and restrictions during this period. This will motivate and encourage you to start setting and working on your financial goals.


So, let’s take a look at the numerology of each personal year below:

Year 1: New Beginnings, Initiative, Passion

Personal year 1 indicates that you will be starting over or embarking on new beginnings and ventures. You will have the passion, motivation, and drive to initiate new efforts during this time. This will feel like a rebranding or re-invention of self. You will be strongly driven to change how you show up in the world. There will usually be a strong emphasis on self-identity, self-actualization, personal leadership, entrepreneurship, and business initiatives during personal year 1.

Year 2: Partnerships, Relationships, Diplomacy

Personal year 2 carries the vibration of harmony, diplomacy, and working together. After a heavy focus on self-identification and self-improvement in the previous year, there will be a strong focus on your relationship dynamics during this time. This emphasis may be on romantic, platonic, work-based, or business relationships. Your focus will be on harmonizing romantic love, friendships, partnerships, or other relationships during personal year 2.

Year 3: Growth, Creativity, Communication

Personal year 3 is all about expansion and growth. This is a time to build up and develop relationships and connections that were started or became grounded in the previous year. This may involve adding dimensions to your relationship such as having children, developing or growing business ventures, investing in friendships, or collaborating with social connections on a deeper level. It could also include developing and implementing creative projects, communicating in public forums, or interacting in social circles. You can expect material, emotional, mental, and social expansion during personal year 3.

Year 4: Foundations, Pragmatism, Organization

Personal year 4 is about laying solid foundations, setting up sustainable structures, and getting organized. After much growth, maturity, and development in the previous year, you will be more focused and working hard to ensure a stable future. You will feel very pragmatic and desire to work in reasonable and logical ways to achieve your goals. This may look like attending college to obtain a degree, saving up for or building the house of your dreams, investing money for future projects, etc.

Year 5: Transformation, Freedom, Independence

Change is the name of the game in personal year 5. This period is all about transformation or making beneficial and positive choices that will result in a level of independence or freedom. In the previous year, you were structured and disciplined as you planned for a more stable future. You may have enjoyed the process, but it may have felt restrictive in some ways. This year you will be making any necessary adjustments or changes to ensure that you experience optimal independence in the future.

Year 6: Roots, Home, Family

Personal year 6 will bring about stability in your situation. You may choose to move in with your romantic partner, have children, or otherwise ground your family dynamics. The many changes you endured in the previous season will make you want to lay down your roots. During this time, your family will play a major role in the decisions that you make. Whether it is transitioning to a new job, location, or spiritual practice, you will be concerned about how these decisions will impact your family dynamics. You will probably find that you desire to spend more time with your family during this time as your connection to them will be much stronger.

Year 7: Spirituality, Introspection, Reflection

Personal year 7 is all about your spiritual or philosophical growth and development. This is irrespective of whether you practice within a faith-based religious or spiritual system or whether you believe in a Higher Power. Once you have laid down roots in the previous year, you will be in space and mindset to do more soul-searching. In which case, you may be examining the meaning of life, what your life purpose is, how did you get here, and the many philosophical questions that we tend to examine later in life. Oftentimes people have spiritual awakening experiences when they are in a 7 personal year because they tend to be in a space of deep reflection and introspection during this period.

Year 8: Abundance, Manifestation, Karma

Personal year 8 will focus on abundance and manifestation. After a period of reflection and spiritual growth from the previous year, your focus will turn to your material well-being. You will think about ways to make, save, and/or invest your money. There will be a heavier emphasis on wealth-building and possibly generational wealth during this period. You will also be concerned about your personal power and how you show up in the world. Typically, you will experience many blessings and good luck during this period. However, the number 8 carries the energy of karma, which means that you will reap much of what you have sown. Your harvest may be for better or worse.

Year 9: Conclusions, Transitions, Rebirth

Personal year 9 is about endings or conclusions, transformation, and rebirth. Life is all about balance so anytime we receive something, we likewise have to give something back. As such, in personal year 9, you are subject to experience some form of loss. But, all loss is not negative or bad. However, all loss is for our greatest and highest good because it helps us transition in beneficial ways. Loss of a job, friendship, loved one, innocence, etc. may occur during this period. However, that loss is designed to make way for the new. For instance, you may lose your job (voluntarily or involuntarily) and shortly afterward transition to a new position. In your new position, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills and grow in many ways.

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