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I am very excited to share the news about the upcoming release of the Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle card deck. This is a collaborative project between Asanee Coaching Services and the Ginen Store that is finally ready to make its entrance into the world of African-inspired oracle deck collections.


The Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle is a distinctly unique deck that profiles the archetypical energies venerated throughout the African diaspora. Each card meticulously outlines the number symbology, iconography, and attributes commonly associated with the deity represented. Instead of personifying the spirits, we used common symbols, icons, and characteristic word associations based on the traditions from which the deities were derived.

During slavery, our ancestors were relegated to using non-native iconography out of fear of punishment. Later, they held on to this same fear once they gained their freedom. African spiritual systems had been all but desecrated in the Americas, the Caribbean Islands, and other regions inhabited by African people groups in the aftermath of slavery.

Throughout the diaspora, many of our ancestors continued their traditions under the cloak of Catholicism and Christianity. They disguised their deities as Catholic saints or used consecrated items like dolls, clothing, or scarves to summon the spirits of their fore-parents. They no longer had access to their hand-carved statues or the ability to make spirit pots or intricately woven masquerade costumes.

So, we decided to honor their legacy by restoring the tools of their spiritual warfare through an artful legacy. The Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle pays homage to the icons of African traditions as maintained on the continent and adapted throughout the diaspora. You can use this work of art in divination, spellcasting, meditation, visualization, and other spiritual work. Let your intuition be your guide.


We are pre-releasing this deck via an Indiegogo campaign, that will allow us to elicit your support during the creation of the deck. There are many perks and discounts available in our campaign package. You can get a sneak peek at our new deck by visiting our campaign page. This is a limited-time pre-order sale that won’t be available once the deck is available for sale. So get your deck now!

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